Pathway to Teaching Careers, A.A. (Pending Approval)

Program Design

The Pathway to Teaching Careers associate degree program was developed in response to the state of Connecticut’s need for new teachers in shortage areas. The Pathway to Teaching Careers program will transfer to Eastern Connecticut State University. Students who successfully complete this program with a cumulative grade point average of 2.8 or higher, earn the associate degree, and pass the Praxis I examination will be considered for admission to the baccalaureate program at ECSU on an equal basis with native students at ECSU. Students interested in transferring to schools of education at other colleges should meet with an advisor to ensure that the proper courses are taken for transfer. Students include individuals interested in a career as a teacher including those currently working as paraprofessionals, high school graduates, and individuals seeking a career change.


The Pathway to Teaching Careers program is the basis for the first two years of undergraduate work at Eastern Connecticut State University. Students may enroll in this program full- or part-time, during the day or in the evening. Students must seek the advice of a transfer counselor to ensure that they meet all requirements of the program and the state with regard to becoming a teacher in Connecticut. This program is for students who are interested in teaching students in elementary or secondary school.

Students who are interested in teaching preschool age children or children in kindergarten, first, second, or third grades should follow the Early Childhood Education Program.

Gen Ed ENG* 101: Composition 3
Gen Ed PSY* 111: General Psychology 3
Gen Ed COM* 173: Public Speaking  3
EDU* 104 Pathways to Teaching 1
Gen Ed Mode 1 3
Choose ^ Content major course 3
      Subtotal: 16
ENG* 110 Introduction to Literature 3
Gen Ed SOC* 101: Introduction to Sociology 3
Gen Ed Choose MAT* 143: Math for Elementary Education or higher             3
Choose ^ Content major course 6
      Subtotal: 15
Gen Ed

EAS* 102: Earth Science

HIS* 201 United States History I 3
Choose FRE* 111: Elementary French I or
SPA* 111: Elementary Spanish I or
Content major course ^
PSY* 163 Children with Disabilities 3
Gen Ed Mode 1 3
      Subtotal: 15
BIO* 105 Introduction to Biology 4
SSC* 110 Health and Wellness Principles 3
PSY* 220 Educational Psychology  3
Choose FRE* 112: Elementary French II or
SPA* 112: Elementary Spanish II or
Content major course ^
Choose PHL* 101: Introduction to Philosophy or
PHL* 111: Ethics
      Subtotal: 16
       Total Credits Required: 62

^ Teacher candidates in Connecticut must have an academic or content major other than education to be eligible for teacher certification. Please contact the Social Science & Hospitality Division at 860-512-2753 to locate faculty advisors in this program.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all Pathway to Teaching Careers degree requirements, graduates will

1. Describe the role of the teacher in the classroom.
2. Describe the route to becoming a successful teacher in Connecticut. List the requirements for teaching based on academic program requirements and state certification requirements.
3. Read, write and communicate analytically in forms that involve and document outside sources.
4. Use appropriate techniques to gather and analyze data.
5. Problem solve.
6. Work with others, including culturally and intellectually diverse individuals; think critically; and gain an appreciation for learning.
7. Demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the introductory level.

In addition, the graduate will complete the comprehensive learning outcomes identified with the General Education Component.

Source: 2010-2011 Course Catalog

Last Update: October 08 2010
For Additional Information, Contact: 860-512-2703