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Academic Support Center Services

Tutoring in English, Spanish, French, ESL and Writing

Process-oriented tutoring is available, free of charge, to MCC students. Students who wish to work with a tutor should make an appointment in person or by calling the front desk at 860-512-3303. A student Banner identification number is needed to make an appointment. Students are limited to two half-hour appointments per week for each class they are taking. They are encouraged to bring their course outline, specific questions, books and the written directions for the assignment.

When a tutor is asked to help a student with a paper, he or she will usually refer to the writing process to guide the session. The ideas and organization of those ideas will always be addressed first. Editing will be addressed last, unless the student has specific notes from his/her professor to work on a particular area. Tutors will not correct papers but will use patterns of error to help the student to proofread and edit their own writing.

Tutors ask questions, identify patterns of problems, encourage, explain, respond and, above all, listen. Students ask questions, share concerns, listen and modify text by applying strategies learned during the session.

At the close of the session, students should understand that further improvement is always possible and realize that some problems may not have been addressed. Students must not assume that once they leave, their paper has the “stamp of approval” or that the writing process is over. Students should plan to make appointments well before an assignment is due and may need more than one appointment to work on a paper. A tutoring appointment is an opportunity to learn strategies for becoming successful, independent readers and writers.

Strategy Workshops

A number of workshops are also available, free to MCC students. They are offered throughout the semester and are approximately one hour. Topics include: Strategies for Reading Textbooks, Strategies for Taking Essay Tests, Basic Essay Writing for ESL Students, and Writing Process: Editing and Proofreading. Workshop information is also available in half-hour appointments, called mini-workshops, for students who are not able to attend the regular scheduled sessions.


An assortment of videos are available for students to view in the Academic Support Center. These videos include topics on study strategies and writing.

Research Paper Packets

Packets of information are available, free to MCC students, to guide them in writing research papers. Students are also recommended to use tutoring and library services to complete these assignments.

Color-Coding Program

The Academic Support Center has a color-coding program installed on the computers in its computer lab. This particular program is a visual and auditory one that can assist students in organizing the ideas in their written work.

For more information about tutoring hours, class tours, and/or workshop dates, please contact Donna McCormac at dmccormac-condon@mcc.commnet.edu.

Online Tutoring

The Writing Center also coordinates online tutoring in writing at the College. MCC is part of the Connecticut Distance Learning consortium (CTDLC) which over the past year developed its own online platform—eTutoring—as well as protocol for addressing writing submissions received online. Students are required to fill in a questionnaire addressing such areas as the course, the specific assignment, and areas of requested assistance. After receiving a submission, tutors consider first such higher order concerns as alignment with the assignment, controlling idea, support and organization, and then lower order concerns as well as the student’s requests for assistance. Turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours. Students can log in and register at www.eTutoring.org. Pre-registration for use of eTutoring is not required.

For more information, please contact James Gentile at jgentile@www.mcc.commnet.edu.

ESL Tutorial Lab

The ESL Tutorial Lab is in LRC B210.

For more information, please contact Diana R. Hossain at dhossain@mcc.commnet.edu.

Students with Disabilities

Support is offered for students who have disabilities that may affect their performance in a writing class. These services are geared to provide equal access for these students.

Support includes:
  • work with a disabilities specialist to:
    • identify strategies that will help them compensate for their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths
    • identify classroom accommodations that may be necessary such as extra time for tests.
    • use of adaptive software such as Kurzweil (text reader for students with learning disabilities); Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice recognition software-students can dictate their papers onto the computer); Inspiration (software that helps students organize their thoughts); Word prediction software (minimizes key strokes by predicting the word the student is typing based on the first few letters) and Jaws (comprehensive text reader for students with vision impairments).

For more information, contact:

Students with a physical or psychiatric disability:
Joseph Navarra: Counselor and Disabilities Specialist

Students with learning disabilities:
Gail Hammond: Learning Disabilities Specialist or Joan Kantor: Counselor/Learning Disabilities Specialist

Students seeking test accommodations:
Georgette Hyman: Test Administrator

Last Update: December 08 2011
For additional information, contact: Karyn Case