Physics is the science of the properties and interactions of matter, motion, heat, light and electricity. By studying physics one develops an understanding of the physical world and its impact on and relationship with other fields such as astronomy, chemistry, engineering, environmental science and medicine. At MCC, physics courses may be used to satisfy a student's general education core requirements in science.

A career in physics generally requires an advanced degree. For those with a physics background, employment opportunities are often found as researchers in astronomy, biophysics, geophysics, or the health sciences, working in government agencies, academic settings or private industry.

For students who are interested in physics or who plan to transfer to complete the requirements for a bachelor of science degree in physics, enrolling in the college's Liberal Arts and Science associate of science degree program is a good choice. By entering this program, students are able to start their course work at MCC and take advantage of its high quality instruction and more affordable community college tuition and fees. Students who are thinking of transferring are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors to discuss their plans and how MCC courses transfer to other institutions. More information on the transfer options available at MCC can be found in the Transfer Services portion of the web site.

Last Update: June 29 2011
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