Admissions and Registration

The Manchester Community College Admissions and Registrar's departments have online information that walks you through the process of how to apply and register at the college.

It is now possible to apply online to the college.

As a new student, it is also possible for you to register for classes online once you have been admitted to the college. As part of the admissions process, you will receive an ID and PIN which you can use to register for classes online. Note: once you have registered online, you must pay for your courses, which you may do online by scrolling to the bottom of the registration screen and clicking on the "Initiate Payment (Step 2)" button. You will then be able to pay for your classes over a secure web connection with your credit card.

For academic advising assistance as you decide which classes to take, contact our Academic Advising area.

Please be aware that our online classes tend to fill fairly quickly, so it is to your advantage to register for the class(es) you want as early as possible.

Last Update: October 08 2010
For additional information, contact: Doug Dorsey