A Career in Sign Language

Individuals proficient in ASL are needed to facilitate communication between Deaf/ AHRd of Hearing ASL signer and their hearing counterparts in just about any setting - the arts, business and industry, community, education, health care, goverment, religious and social services - where messages need to be conveyed as accurately as possible from one language to another.

Some potential career choices are:

  • Audiologist/Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Birth to 3/Early Intervention Teacher
  • Educational Support Staff/Teacher's Aide
  • Interpreter
  • Linguistic Researcher/Cognitive Scientist
  • Sign Language Teacher
  • Social Services Program Assistant/Worker
  • Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

On the Web

These websites provide additional information on careers for indivduals skilled in sign language:


Last Update: March 15 2012
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