Business & Community


Manchester Community College advances academic, economic, civic, personal and cultural growth by providing comprehensive, innovative and affordable learning opportunities to diverse populations. We are a learning-centered community committed to access, excellence and relevance.

Shared Values

MCC believes in:
Shared Understanding - Shared Responsibility - Shared Leadership

To achieve this distinctive mission, Manchester Community College:

  • ensures access to any who desire a college experience;
  • maintains instruction of the highest quality;
  • welcomes people of every ethnicity, national origin, religion, political belief, sexual orientation, age, or disability;
  • encourages mutual respect and understanding for people in all their diversity;
  • offers support and guidance to those who lack the essential skills and resources that promote learning;
  • offers programs and services designed to overcome academic, financial and social barriers;
  • provides a foundation in general education through a full range of liberal arts and science offerings, as well as an array of courses for those who wish to develop or upgrade career skills;
  • provides a wide range of extracurricular activities for students and the community, including conferences and seminars on academic, political, religious and social issues;
  • provides a venue for athletic, artistic, recreational and social events;
  • offers on- and off-campus programs tailored to the needs of the business community and other educational institutions.


Last Update: September 05 2014
For additional information, contact: Martin J. Hart