Teachers Bureau

An Opportunity for Faculty Collaboration

  • Visit the classroom of a colleague
  • Explore the challenges of teaching another discipline
  • Learn about teaching methodologies adaptable to other disciplines
  • Discover opportunities for collaborative teaching

The Teachers Bureau acts as a registry for faculty - full-time and part-time - interested in visiting the classroom of a colleague. The CFT committee coordinates this registry so that an interested faculty member can visit a colleague's class once (but we imagine that some faculty will want to establish a longer series of visits). We ask that the two faculty members meet after the visits to discuss what they learned, to offer feedback to one another, and to identify areas of possible growth.

The success of this Center for Teaching initiative is linked to your participation. We hope that many faculty will register so that we will have an opportunity to match faculty. We encourage you to participate in the Teachers Bureau. Faculty who have arranged on their own to visit a colleague's class are also encouraged to enroll in this program. We can provide you with the supplemental material we have developed.

Last year, some faculty members expressed a willingness to serve as mentors, opening their classes to interested faculty. If you are willing to have a faculty member visit your classroom, we also encourage you to register. Obviously, the mentor will benefit from this collaboration as well. Interacting with another in such a setting provides an opportunity for thoughtful reflection on one's own teaching and an opportunity to discover new teaching strategies. 

The Center for Teaching committee invites all faculty members - full-time and part-time - to participate in the Teachers Bureau during the academic year.  

To participate in the Teachers Bureau, please submit the registration form to:

Len Dupille
Manchester Community College
MS #4
Phone: 860.512.2779

Last Update: October 06 2009
For additional information, contact: Len Dupille