Narrative Teaching

What is narrative teaching? How can it help you discover new directions for the classroom? How can it help you grow as a teacher?

Narrative Teaching is a process that encourages you to use journaling as a process for assessment and growth. Several medical programs have introduced this process into their curriculum and other professions including education have begun to acknowledge its value also. Many of you may already use some form of journaling or writing as a means to understand more fully what is happening within your classrooms and to identify changes and new areas for growth.

The Center for Teaching has established an opportunity for faculty who are interested in this process to work together in order to grow as teachers. Participation in this project requires two things from you:

•  A willingness to reflect at least once a week in writing on your teaching (preferably more often; preferably after you have taught while the class is still fresh in your mind - this will allow you to describe clearly what has occurred and will provide you with concrete material for subsequent reflection)
•  A willingness to connect with other participants formally once a month as a group; informally more often in self-identified groups

If you have any questions about this program, or if are interested in using journaling as a strategy for becoming a more effective teacher, please contact Len Dupille at .  

Last Update: October 06 2009
For additional information, contact: Len Dupille