Grant Application Procedures


  • Provide a single point of coordination and information on grant application procedures college-wide.
  • Prevent duplication as many grant sources prohibit more than one application from the same organization.
  • Increase success by providing expert initial consultation.


  1. Consult with your supervisor to ensure your project aligns with college mission and priorities.
  2. When considering a grant idea or potential source, contact Karanne Farling at 860-512-2927 or
  3. Set up a meeting with Karanne to discuss your grant proposal. Be prepared to explain the grant project ideas, proposed funding source, college collaborators and other possible partners.
  4. If it is decided to move forward with preparation of the grant/request for funding, submit a well-crafted draft to the Division of Institutional Advancement no later than 2 weeks before the grant is due.
  5. The Division of Institutional Advancement sends the draft to the Division of Administrative Affairs to review proposed contributed/matching resources from MCC, and reviews the final details.
  6. MCC reserves the right to determine if grants can be submitted for funding based on prior funding and pre-submitted proposals.
  7. Notify Karanne of the funder’s decision, reasons, and reporting requirements.


Last Update: November 07 2013
For additional information, contact: Karanne Farling