Leadership Institute

The MCC Leadership Institute advances effective leadership, empowersfaculty and staffwith a sense of community, and promotes civility and ethics through practice, mentoring and professional development.


Manchester Community College values comprehensive employee development opportunities at all organization levels inside and outside of the college.

Currently, staff development opportunities for all employees are provided by the offices of Affirmative Action & Staff Development and Human Resources. The Center for Teaching Committee addresses the needs of full-time and part-time faculty as both teachers and as professionals.  Additionally, CCPs, Classified Caucus, and individual departments also provide staff development based upon the needs of that specific area. Lastly, external opportunities are available for formal training, professional organization involvement, and individual skill development. 

The primary goal of the Leadership Institute is to compliment what is already being done and enhance all areas of employee development. 

The Leadership Institute is intended to be utilized by individual employees and/or departments in providing “employee development” that is purposeful, planned, and supported. What is employee development? The three areas of employee development are intertwined and overlapping:

  • Professional development: job-related knowledge and skills.
  • Personal development: individual development and growth. 
  • Organizational development: overall college knowledge and participation. 


  • Employee development is an integral part of the college philosophy.  
  • Orientation of new employees shall include an introduction to the Leadership Institute and overall employee development opportunities.
  • It is supervisory/managerial responsibility to support the individual’s employee development; employees might eventually discuss and plan for development during annual review process.

First steps...

  • Gather Information: at Opening Day (fall 2009), Opening Day (spring 2010) and through individual interviews, we began to identify what current faculty and staff would like to see in the areas of staff development and leadership.
  • Create the Leadership Institute Advisory Board: with campus-wide representation, this group looked at all the information collected and decided what would happen first. The Board hopes that, eventually, staff development and leadership will be seen as an important part of each person’s job rather than an add-on. Additionally, the Leadership Institute should:
      1. Provide opportunity for individualized professional development, including career-planning and succession planning
      2. Provide everyone the opportunity to gain new skills rather than just being very good at one’s current level
      3. Be intentional, especially as it relates to individual assessment and personalized professional planning
  • The first two initiatives of the MCC Leadership Institute began in fall 2010; and continue to grow.
      1. A job shadow program to support professional development by providing exposure in other professional areas. Job Shadowing Fal l2012
      2. A calendar of workshops and presentations open to ALL employees of Manchester Community College. Workshop Descriptions Fall 2012, LI Calendar October2012, LI Calendar November 2012, LI Calendar December 2012.

        Watch for more information about how you can participate in Inside MCC!

  • Leadership Institute Advisory Board 2012-2013
  • Membership:                                                                                                            
  • David Caldwell; Associate Professor, Liberal Arts
  • Lois Coleman; Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
  • G. Duncan Harris; Dean of Student Affairs                                                                       
  • Martin Hart; Assistant Professor, Business, Engineering and Technology                       
  • Kathy Kern; Instructor, Social Sciences and Hospitality
  • Paul Mounds; Accountant, Finance and Administrative Services
  • C.K. Pai; Professor, Mathematics, Science and Health Careers                                                     
  • Jacqueline Spector; Assistant Director, Information Technology                                                  
  • Charlene Tappan; Director of Marketing and Public Relations                             
  • Sara Vincent; Development Associate, Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement
  • Elaine Wiatr; Facilities Scheduler, Facilities Management and Planning
  • Debbie Wilson; Director of Human Resources                                                                    
  • Chairs:
  • Debbie Colucci; Affirmative Action and Staff Development Coordinator                                               
  • Sandra Rimetz; Professor, Business, Engineering and Technology
Last Update: October 23 2012
For additional information, contact: Debbie Colucci