Grant Procedures

Basic Grant Procedures

For purposes of grant writing the following recommendations regarding guidelines and procedures for developing grants can support your work:

  1. The Business Office will maintain current list of fringe benefits rates.
  2. The Business Office will review budgets for proposed grants within one week of receiving them.
  3. The Director of Finance will produce financial reports for grant funding agencies in a timely manner.
  4. The Director of Finance will negotiate an indirect rate with the appropriate federal agencies.
  5. The Office of Institutional Development will dedicate staff to the process of assisting potential grant writers in locating funding sources.
  6. The Office of Institutional Development will maintain current information often required by Foundations, including audit information on the foundation, boiler plate and the college fact sheet which includes diversity information.
  7. Division Directors will commit to closely reviewing grant proposals from their divisions to ensure that the proposals are consistent with the mission, and policies of the college, that they comply with all policies of the sponsoring agency, and that any planned release time is appropriate in the context of college needs.
  8. The College will develop an ad hoc Research Review Committee to review proposals that are not eligible for a Human Subjects exemption.
  9. The Human Resources Office will investigate the types of positions that can be hired by grant funds.
  10. The Human Resources Office will investigate ways of combining funds from more than one grant to support a single person (e.g., clerical position paid through two grants).
  11. The College will recognize that some funding agencies do not allow funding for indirect costs.
  12. The Deans and President, cognizant of the deadline date for submitting a grant proposal, will commit to reviewing and signing the proposal in a timely manner.
  13. Principal Investigators, if at all possible, will submit a proposal for review at least two weeks prior to the deadline.
  14. The Dean of Institutional Development will sign each proposal and indicate that it does not conflict with other MCC proposals, grants, or contracts.
  15. The College will commit to release time for Principal Investigators (PI). For faculty, serving as a Principal Investigator is an appropriate use of additional responsibilities time.
  16. If human subjects are involved, the PI will submit a Human Subjects Exemption form (if appropriate) or will request a meeting of the Research Review Team. If human subjects are involved, either a Human Subjects Exemption form or a letter of approval by the Research Review Team must be submitted with the proposal before approval will be granted.
  17. A copy of the grant proposal with the appropriately signed routing sheet will be kept on file in the Office of Institutional Development.
Last Update: November 05 2013
For additional information, contact: Martin J. Hart