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Free Computer Program FAQs

How old are the computers?

Computers are typically 4 to 6 years old, however all are verified to be in full working order before given to students. The basics such as accessing the Internet, email, and office applications will run easily.

What software is installed on those computers?

Windows XP Professional, free virus protection, Visio, One Note, Project, Open Office, and a CD burning application. Grant money is continually applied for and Microsoft (MS) Office 2007 will only be installed if grant money for the program is available at time for donation to student. Students must be enrolled in a business, science, technology, engineering, math or continuing education computer course to get the computer with MS software installed. Students not currently enrolled in a qualifying course that meets Microsoft licensing agreement will be required to take a two hour introductory class to receive their donated computer with MS software installed, otherwise only open source (FREE) software will be delivered on the computer. For more information about the introductory course, please contact bmanning@mcc.commnet.edu.

Can the computers be used to access the internet?

Yes, all computers will have a network card for Internet access. Students are responsible for their own service provider. All computers will have wired network cards and some may have wireless network cards as well

Are there additional tasks, software or hardware required for the computer to function?

No. All computers will be configured ready to use upon student delivery. See question regarding software installed for details.

Are computers desktops or laptops?

This program accepts both desktops and laptops from personal and corporate donors. Students who are chosen to receive a computer will have choice of systems available.

How is it decided which student(s) will get a computer?

Near the end of each month a lottery of all student applicants will be held. Students do not need to be present to be selected. Names will be listed in the order they are drawn. Dates and location of lottery will be posted around campus and LRC A242 as a minimum. A list of selected applicants will be posted at LRC A242 by way of the last five digits of their student banner ID to keep winners names anonymous.

Where will students take delivery of their computer if they win?

AST C139 is where the computers will be distributed from. Students whose names were drawn will be contacted by phone and email only and will have three weeks to pick up their computer from the date of drawing. Computers will be given out on a first come, first serve basis and if more than one student winner is present during pick-up, the order of name drawn will decide order of pick-up.

Is there any tech support for these computers?

No support will be offered from MCC. The student computer club welcomes requests for support and will make best effort to provide support based on student availability. The Student Computer club can be contacted at info@repairandshareclub.com.

How long is a student application good for?

Students only need to apply once to be considered in each month’s lottery. Student applications will expire after two years from date of submission as it will be assumed they have graduated from or left MCC.

Do I have to return the computer when I graduate or leave MCC?

No, once you receive the computer you own it and agree to recycle it in environmentally friendly method when it is of no further use to you.

To Donate

How can I donate a computer?

If your computer or laptop is 5 years or newer we can accept it. Our guideline is if it has Windows XP Professional or Home it most likely would be of value for the program. If you are not sure on the specifications or age please contact rsabadosa@mcc.commnet.edu and we will evaluate your donation. All donations will get a receipt from the college foundation on what was donated for tax purposes. The donation form will ask if you want your donation kept anonymous.

Can I donate monitors?

The program will accept flat panel displays stand alone and CRT monitors only if they are part of a complete computer being donated.

Can I donate a printer?

The program will consider printers only if they are laser printers in working order and have some toner left. Ink jet printers are too hard to manage for this program.

Last Update: October 08 2010
For additional information, contact: Russell Sabadosa