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There is Still Time to Register for Fall Classes

Right now, MCC is enrolling students in 8-week and 12-week accelerated sessions starting in September and October. Day, evening, weekend and online courses are available, and students can earn up to three credits per course. The cost is only $152 per credit, and classes can be applied toward a degree or certificate at MCC or transfered to another school. If you have questions, call 860-512-3220 for registration information. Find out more in the 2014-15 Enrollment Guide.

What are Accelerated Courses?

Accelerated classes allow students to take courses in a short, concentrated timeframe on weekdays, weekends or online. Classes begin at five different times, during the fall and spring semester. These classes run for three, six or eight weeks instead of the normal 15-week timeframe. While the number of classes for each session is fewer than those in the regular fall and spring semesters, students should be aware that each course contains the same number of class hours as the 15-week semester. As a result, the level of study is much more intensive and demanding of time. Students should consider this in planning their time and course selection. Accelerated courses are considered credit extension courses, and follow the credit extension tuition, fees and refund policies found in the 2014-15 Enrollment Guide.

For the most up-to-date listing of what is being offered for Fall 2014, visit myCommNet or search courses here. Be sure to filter for Fall 2014, credit, and open classes, then look for those starting in September and October marked "Late Start" or "8-week". For course descriptions and information on prerequisites, go to MCC's online course listing.

Check Out Our New Programs!

The faculty at Manchester Community College are continually partnering with area colleges and universities, and local businesses and government, to develop new courses and programs that will not only meet future workforce needs of the state of Connecticut, but will also give students the strong academic foundation they need to transfer successfully to a baccalaureate school after completing their associate degree. Programs that are new in the past year include:

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Last Update: September 05 2014
For additional information, call 860-512-3210.