21 Talented Students Honored for Original Writing

Manchester, CT – (December 18, 2006). . . Manchester Community College is pleased to announce the 21 winners of its annual Student Writing Contest. The students were honored at an awards presentation on Friday, December 15.

The following students received awards for their exceptional writing:

Research Paper
First place- Latisha Wilson of Amherst, Mass; “Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Is There a Need for Them in the 21st Century?”
Second place- Amy Kendall of Manchester; “The Poor: Consumerism’s Front-Line Casualties”
Third place- Erica Bennett of East Hartford; “A Proposal for Manchester Community College to Add the Registered Nurse Curriculum to its Degree Programs”
Honorable mention- Julie Batulevitz of Manchester; “Consuming the World”

Expository Essay
First place- William Rapp of Woodstock; “Liberation through Taxation”
Second place- Joel Presa of Stafford Springs; “Appetite for Destruction”
Third place- Dustin Castaldo of Windsor; “You Are What You Eat: Every Food Consumer Needs to Know”

Literary Criticism
First place- Lynne Alexander of South Windsor; “The Isle of the Subjective Mind: An Analysis of Modernistic Poetic Commentary”
Second place- Caitlin Daley of Suffield; “The Thematic Significance of Mr. Gradgrind”
Third place- Jennifer Toney of Stafford Springs; “Reality or Fiction?”
Honorable mention- Alan Baker of Broad Brook; “A River of Fatherly Words”

Short Story
First place- Andrew King of Vernon; “Dusk to Dust”
Second place- Kelly Whinnem of Vernon; “Sunken Coins in Wishing Wells”
Honorable mention- Marie Linda Bohara of Colchester; “Stolen Innocence”

Personal Essay
First place- Hsiu-Chen Hsu of Glastonbury; “Origami Fantasy”
Second place- Hsiu-Chen Hsu of Glastonbury; “Areca Tree: My Father in Memory”

First place- Lisa Butler of Manchester; “O Negative”
Second place- Kelly Whinnem of Vernon; “Come Midnight”
Third place- Stacy Giguere of Manchester; “In the Beginning”
Honorable mention- Melanie Tongren of Granby; “Other than Ice in February”
Honorable mention- Ryan Linares of Willington; “Vodka”
Honorable mention- Morgan Ceramicoli of Marlborough; “3:04 A.M.”

John R. Gustavson Prize for Humor
Joel Barkasy of Ellington; “Remember That Night in August”

The writing contest was open to all MCC students enrolled during the 2005-2006 school year. More than 45 students submitted original writing entries. The winning entries in the poetry and short story category will be published in Shapes, MCC’s literary magazine.

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News Item Posted On: December 18, 2006
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