Town of Manchester and MCC Job Listing Service

Manchester, Conn. – (April 15, 2010). . .The Town of Manchester and Manchester Community College (MCC) are partnering to help Manchester employers find workers and job seekers find employment opportunities.
The Town recognizes that having a trained and qualified workforce is critical for local businesses to grow. Those seeking to enter or reenter the workforce or advance their careers need to know where the jobs are. The Town’s workforce development team, one of three teams created as a result of the Town’s December 2008 Economic Strategic Planning forum, identified the creation of a job search web site as a priority initiative.
Fortunately, MCC already utilizes a web-based job board, powered by College Central Network (CCN), which is free for both employers and job seekers and, even better, does not limit its use to MCC students and alumni; it is available to community residents as well. The CCN on-line system enables employers to post position openings, application instructions, links to on-line forms, and other valuable company information. And because eight of the twelve CT Community Colleges participate in a statewide consortium, positions listed on the CCN job board by employers are viewable to registered job seekers at each of the member colleges.
This type of web-based job board is exactly what the workforce development team was interested in creating, and what businesses who responded to the workforce development team’s survey on this idea felt would be valuable to them. The Town and MCC are partnering to increase awareness of and access to the job listing service offered through MCC Career Services. Increasing the number of job postings and resumes will not only benefit MCC and the Town’s workforce and employers, but the community’s overall economic vitality. The more success employers have in finding employees, and the more success job seekers have in securing positions using this system, the greater value the job board will have moving forward.
Job seekers can access the job board and register to search current position listings through the MCC/CCN platform. Once registered, they have the option to post their résumé, which eases the application/resume submission process. These posted resumes are then made viewable to registered employers through a fully accessible and searchable résumé database. “This service not only provides far reaching publicity for employers, but broadens the scope of potential employment opportunities for job seekers,” stated Mayor Louis Spadaccini. "I am very excited about the opportunity to partner with MCC. This is one of several initiatives the Town and MCC are working on to strengthen our local economy," Mayor Spadaccini said.
“The CCN system is an excellent tool that connects employers to job seekers and vice versa. MCC Career Services has been utilizing the CCN on-line job listing service for over six years and has seen it grow. This is an opportunity to expand the job board’s potential while fortifying our commitment to serving the Manchester community,” stated Duncan Harris, Manchester Community College’s Dean of Students.
The Town will post information on its economic development website that will link to the Manchester Community College Career Services webpage ( )
, where the CCN job board links for both employers and job seekers can be found. Information on the Town of Manchester website can be found at:
The Manchester Board of Directors' majority leader Leo Diana applauded the partnership effort. "Now is certainly the time for us to tap all of our resources to help Manchester residents gain employment and help Manchester employers grow. We are fortunate to have MCC and their resources available, and I hope Manchester residents and businesses take advantage of this opportunity."
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News Item Posted On: April 15, 2010
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