Young Engineers Build on a Bright Future

Manchester, CT – (July 13, 2006) . . . This summer, Manchester Community College will offer the first Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Engineering Course Academy for high school students interested in engineering and engineering technology programs.
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Project Lead The Way, Inc. (PLTW) is a national, non-profit organization that promotes engineering courses for both middle and high school students. PLTW forms partnerships among public schools, higher education institutions and the private sector to increase the quantity and quality of engineers and engineering technologists graduating from our education system.

PLTW has developed a four-year sequence of courses which, when combined with college preparatory mathematics and science courses in high school, introduces students to the scope, rigor and discipline of engineering and engineering technology prior to entering college. The courses are Introduction to Engineering Design, Digital Electronics, Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Civic Engineering and architecture, Biotechnical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Design and Development.

In the state of Connecticut, there are 56 registered high schools collaborating with PLTW. As the lead educational agency, MCC will offer two PLTW courses this summer including Principles of Engineering and Digital Electronics, under the instruction of Assistant Professor Odell Glenn. Participating students are from Avon High School, Berlin High School, Howell Cheney Technical High School, Farmington High School, RHAM High School and Simsbury High School.
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“An early introduction to engineering will better prepare students for college engineering programs and has proven to reduce the dropout rate in engineering programs, which currently exceeds 50% nationally,” stated Glenn. “Making a connection between theory and applications in the real world through hands-on projects makes this program effective.”

Student workers, Jordan Taylor and Brad Allen, both of Berlin, participated in PLTW last year and came back to mentor and work with the new students. Taylor and Allen will be graduating from Berlin High School in June 2007 and feel the program has helped them learn about the various opportunities available in engineering. “I always knew I wanted to do something in science but the PLTW program has allowed me to be more hands-on; you actual test what you design,” stated Taylor.

PLTW seeks to prepare an increasing and more diverse group of students to be successful in engineering and apply engineering principles from electronics to robotics to structural engineering. The goal is for students who attend the program would one day fill those college classrooms.
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The following students are participating in the PLTW Engineering Course Academy at Manchester Community College: Michael Appleyard of Cheney Technical High School; Melinda Bell of Cheney Technical High School; Patrick Birch of Avon High School; Andrew Brown of Cheney Technical High School; Tyler Connelly of RHAM High School; David Ferguson of Cheney Technical High School; Barry Hansen of RHAM High School; Ryan Kieth of Cheney Technical High School; Ashley Pospisil of Farmington High School; Kyle Reichert of Cheney Technical High School; Kyle Tanide of Simsbury High School; Andrew Wentworth of Cheney Technical High School; Michael Hanlon of Cheney Technical High School; Kyle Johnson of Berlin High School; and Josh Teske of RHAM High School.

The program runs from July 10 through July 28 and is funded in part by the College of Technology (CDT)/ Regional Center Next Generation Manufacturing directed by Dr. Karen Birch. For more information on the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Engineering Course Academy at Manchester Community College, contact Assistant Professor Odell Glenn at (860) 512-2653.

Students of any age who possess the desire to pursue higher education are welcome at Manchester Community College. MCC is proud of its academic excellence, new facilities, flexible schedules, small classes, low tuition and faculty with both academic and “real world” credentials. The College offers over 60 programs, transfer options, financial aid and scholarships, as well as access to baccalaureate degrees through guaranteed admissions programs with several universities. MCC is situated on a park-like campus and is easily accessible from I-84.

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News Item Posted On: July 13, 2006
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