US Hispanic Leadership Institute: Student Leadership Series

US Hispanic Leadership Institute
Student Leadership Series Held in Hartford

Manchester, Connecticut- (June 4, 2012)… On Friday, May 25, the US Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) Student Leadership Series made its first appearance in Hartford at Capital Community College. An estimated 375 junior high, high school and college students, parents, counselors, social workers and administrators representing 12 schools and six agencies attended the event. The event was organized by Ivette Rivera-Dreyer, Financial Aid Director at Manchester Community College, who said “students were inspired and enlightened by the passionate speech given by Carlos Ojeda, Jr..and the event was an absolute success.”

The purpose of the conference was to provide information to Latino youth about post-secondary education, financial aid and training opportunities. The featured speaker was Carlos Ojeda Jr., who shared his life story to impress upon the students the importance of staying in school, improving their academic performance, transitioning to the next level and taking control of their future.

The remarkable journey of his life began in the streets of Newark, New Jersey and later to Reading, Pennsylvania where his immigrant parents saw opportunities for themselves and for their first generation Puerto Rican children. His drive, passions and dreams led him to overcome obstacles and he became the first person in his family to graduate from college. His experiences have led him to always remind Latino Youth to, “never, ever, ever let anyone tell you who you are or what you will become. That’s your destiny to fulfill, no one else’s.”

The USHLI is a Chicago-based non-profit national organization. The 2012 Student Leadership Series, launched in Chicago on February 16, has served 22,495 students in 16 states during this calendar year.

Manchester Community College supported the conference with in-kind support, student volunteers and event planning expertise. Participation in this conference reinforced the college’s commitment to provide early college awareness opportunities to students, primarily those who are first- generation, minority students.

Students of any age who possess the desire to pursue higher education are welcome at Manchester Community College. MCC is proud of its academic excellence, new facilities, flexible schedules, small classes, low tuition and faculty with both academic and “real world” credentials. The college offers over 60 programs, transfer options, financial aid and scholarships, as well as access to baccalaureate degrees through guaranteed admissions programs with several universities. MCC is situated on a park like campus and is easily accessible from I-84.

News Item Posted On: June 07, 2012
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