Send Your K-8 Kids to College This Summer

Parents who want to see their elementary school-age children get excited about science and math can enroll them in Manchester Community College’s Excursions in Learning Summer Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth. Classes are filling now for the program, which runs August 5 through 16 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth features a broad range of grade-level K through 8 student-centered topics. All classes focus on creativity, critical and analytical thinking, leadership, teamwork, positive self-concept and the overall curiosity needed to succeed in today’s competitive academic environments.

“Our classes are hands-on and cross-curricular — filled with all the best parts of school,” according to Carleigh Schultz, coordinator of youth programs. “Summer is a great time to learn in a creative, student-driven environment free of regular-session structures and the requirements of standardized test preparation.”

The Summer Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth is a two-week, full-day program for gifted, talented and high achieving students. It offers a variety of creative subjects taught by qualified staff of instructors – all CT certified to teach, with master’s degrees or higher in their fields of study. Areas of study include (but are not limited to): technology, mathematics, performing arts, visual arts, science, computer science, ceramics, history, language arts, film editing & directing/acting, creative movement and storytelling, biology, physics, digital photography, computer game design, computer animation and more.

Students can choose either a morning or afternoon class (half-day) or both (full-day) to study for a two-week period. Full-day students are supervised during lunch break by the Excursions in Learning teaching staff, the coordinator and an on-site nurse. Supervision for lunch is provided free of charge to full-day students. In addition, pre and post program care (called a.m. and p.m. ŕ la Carte) is available for working parents to help with drop-off and pick-up.

For more information, including specific courses available this year, as well as other Summer Excursions in Learning programs, contact Carleigh Schultz, at 860-512-2804, email Other programs this summer include Technology Camps July 8 through 19; Junior Culinary Institute, July 8 through 26; Cool Summer Treats Culinary Class, July 20; and Adventures in Leadership, July 15 through 26. Check out the MCC Excursions in Learning web site at
News Item Posted On: May 21, 2013
For Additional Information Contact: Credit-Free Programs at 860-512-2800