Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks the Renovation of MCC’s East Parking Lot

A groundbreaking ceremony marking the renovation of the East Parking Lot at Manchester Community College will held on Monday, August 5, 2013.

The project includes a complete renovation and restoration of the East Parking Lot, including the creation of over 260 new parking spaces, traffic circulation improvements, new high efficiency LED lighting, rain gardens, safety and security improvements including lighting and emergency phones, and an enhanced school bus drop-off area for the students of the Great Path Academy middle college high school. The project also includes the infrastructure for charging stations for electric vehicles.

The original Lowe Student Services Center parking lot was completed in 1984. After thirty years of service the parking lot was in need of repair. Winter storm Alfred caused a lot of damage in Manchester and the mature trees that were in the parking lot suffered greatly.

The project was bonded for construction on March 13, 2013 and since then the push has been on to complete the renovation, restoration and completion of additional parking before classes resume in Fall 2013.

Along with the additional 260 parking spaces that this project adds to the campus, a perimeter road has been added to improve traffic flow and separate pedestrians from vehicles further protecting the people who come to campus.

As part of this project, parking lot lights are being replaced with high efficiency LED lights that will significantly cut the cost to illuminate the east end of the campus. Many of the light poles will be fitted with the capability to add security cameras to improve the security on campus. A new safer school bus drop off area is being built to allow all the buses carrying students to and from Great Path Academy, the middle college here on campus, to queue up.

Other special features of this project are ‘green’ initiatives including connection to the East Coast Greenway which winds through campus so that people can bike to and from the college easily, rain gardens which provide an eco-friendly system for managing storm water runoff and the infrastructure to support eight electric vehicle charging stations.

Students of any age who possess the desire to pursue higher education are welcome at Manchester Community College. MCC is proud of its academic excellence, new facilities, flexible schedules, small classes, low tuition and faculty with both academic and “real world” credentials. The College offers over 60 programs, transfer options, financial aid and scholarships, as well as access to baccalaureate degrees through guaranteed admissions programs with several universities. MCC is situated on a park-like campus and is easily accessible from I-84.

News Item Posted On: July 31, 2013
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