Purchasing Department

Mission Statement

To procure the required product or service, from the supplier who can best meet the function, quality, schedule and service needs of the community college, at the most competitive cost.

What Does the Manchester Community College Purchasing Department Do?

Everything from books to dump trucks is purchased by this department. Our primary objective is to provide to the faculty and staff of MCC the equipment, products and services needed to effectively conduct the business of the college at the best possible price keeping the interests of the students, campus, and community at large in mind.

In order to accomplish this task, we utilize contract awards bid by this department for many of our recurring needs. Although a number of these contracts are targeted for Small and Minority Business, we have found through our experience that these same vendors can be highly competitive in the larger market, especially where "value added" is a concern. It is customary for this department to extend such contract awards to the other Community Colleges, the four year State Universities, UConn and those private colleges who are members of the Connecticut Colleges Purchasing Group. Although these colleges and universities are not required to utilize these contracts, many of our current contract vendors have told us that these colleges and universities are contracting them and utilizing their services and purchasing their products based on these contract awards.

Smaller, non-recurrent purchases are processed through the purchasing department, but we rely heavily on the ordering departments to identify vendors who can provide the products or services within the necessary time frames and budgetary constraints. We encourage the individual departments to be aware of vendors who can provide these services, and purchasing will direct literature and telephone inquiries to these departments. Sales representatives are encouraged to call on these departments to offer new products and/or services.


Title Name Phone E-mail
Fiscal Administrative Asst. Sherry Pratt-Totten 860-512-3642 spratt-totten@mcc.commnet.edu

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Last Update: November 20 2012
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