Faculty Spotlight

Reflections from Susan Classen-Sullivan, Professor of Fine Arts

"This past semester I had the opportunity to be involved with the service learning project titled: People and Places.  I had, for some time, hoped to bring together MCC Fine Arts students and area children to share the experience of making art. I know from my own experiences as an artist and teacher how enriching this enterprise is. How it challenges and rewards those participating in all the most important ways.  But, given my other on-campus responsibilities, I had not yet found a way of making such a project possible.

What I have discovered is that MCC has in place the people and a process to make such endeavors attainable.  I found the whole undertaking to be fully collaborative and rewarding. It was the collaborative nature of the project that I found most surprising and welcome and is really what made it possible. Kathleen E. England, principal of the Nathan Hale school, welcomed our involvement with her school and managed the complex process of making possible the involvement of 22 of her students.  But really it is our MCC Fine Arts students who gave the most readily of their time and care - between 6-10 students (depending on their schedules) worked with the elementary school children for each of the sessions, while balancing their school, work and family responsibilities."
Last Update: February 19 2014
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