Assistive Technology

Lowe Building, L131

Services for Students with Disabilities has different technologies available that students with disabilities can use to assist them in their studies. We have an FM system used by students with hearing difficulties that will amplify an instructor’s voice. Other equipment is also available. Our Adaptive Technology Lab Assistant, Daryn Kjellquist, can be reached at 860-512-3594. He is available to provide training to students with disabilities on how to use our computer-based assistive technology. He also provides textbooks in an electronic format, or e-books, to students who require them.

Services for Students with Disabilities currently has the following software available to help students:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (For use by students with fine motor skills impairment; this software has speech-to-text abilities)
  • Kurzweil (For use by students with reading disabilities; this software presents textbooks visually and auditorily)
  • Jaws (For use by students who are blind; this software verbalizes actions on the computer screen)
  • Magic (For use by students with visual impairments; this software magnifies the computer screen)
  • CoWriter (Word prediction software – this software saves the user keystrokes when typing)
  • Inspiration (A visual writing organizer)


An e-book (electronic book) is a digital version (CD) of a printed book. These can be read on personal computers with a screen reader. Students who have difficulty reading printed books can benefit from the adjustment of text size or font style. Text-to-speech software, like the Kurzweil, can be used to read e-books aloud to students.

If you are a student at MCC and are interested in having access to e-books, please follow these steps:

  1. Make an appointment with the appropriate member of the MCC Services for Students with Disabilities team
  2. After Gail, Joan or Joe has determined your eligibility for e-books, fill out an e-book Request Form. The request form can be found in Lowe Student Services Center, room L131. You must fill out a separate form for every book you are requesting.
  3. When you have finished the form, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page and it will be sent to be processed.
  4. To be eligible for e-books, you must provide proof that you have purchased the book.
  5. If we have to physically scan your copy of the textbook, we may have to destroy the binding of the book.
  6. Once scanned, we will return the book to you, rebound, with plastic spiral binding.

If you have any questions about e-books, please contact Daryn Kjellquist at 860-512-3594 or or go to the Lowe Student Services Center, room L131.

Last Update: April 16 2014
For additional information, contact: Vincent McCann