Work-Study Program Checklist

  • Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and all other required documentation.
  • Check your eligibility with the Financial Aid Office.
  • Register for six (6) credits or more.
  • Submit your Work-Study Application to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Develop a résumé. The Career Services Office may assist you in this process.
  • Post your résumé on College Central Network (CCN)
  • Be proactive! Check placement opportunities in the CCN system. Send your résumé to supervisors.
  • Prepare before attending any interviews. Review the job description, dress business casual and bring a copy of your résumé.

Upon Job Placement

Once hired, connect with your supervisor to sign the Work-Study Approval Form and Notification of Employment, then go to the Payroll Office to complete the necessary paperwork.

Last Update: July 02 2012
For additional information, contact: Ivette Rivera-Dreyer