Student Government

At MCC, students are encouraged to enter the worlds of politics and leadership through participation in student government.

Student Senate

The Student Senate is a governing body of elected and non-elected students who act as representatives of the entire student body. Funds collected through the student activities fee are used by the Senate to sponsor clubs, organizations, activities and services. Acting as the official voice of the student body, the Senate has the ability to regulate the activity fund and member organizations, and make decisions that affect all MCC students. In order to be elected as a governing member of the Student Senate, one must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. All interested students must also earn at least three credits from MCC in order to become a governing officer. Meetings are open to all members of MCC's student body and are held monthly. The Student Senate office is currently located in the Lowe Building, room L-154. For more information, contact the Student Senate at 860-512-3292.

Student Activities Committee (SAC)

Funded by the Student Senate, the Student Activities Committee is responsible for coordinating, planning and implementing a diverse body of programs at MCC. The SAC is composed entirely of students and is open to all members of the student body. The committee sponsors numerous activities such as dances, concerts, speakers, special events and travel programs during each semester. As members of the SAC, students gain many leadership skills and create a diverse atmosphere of programs that meet the needs of all students. For more information, visit the SAC office in the Lowe Building, room L-154, or contact them at 860-647-6217. SAC meetings are held monthly.

Cultural Programs Committee (CPC)

The Cultural Programs Committee is a subcommittee of the College Senate and is responsible for the funding of diverse and multicultural programs at MCC. Members are elected and include a combination of students, faculty and staff. CPC meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. For more information on the CPC, call Kristine Vincent, Director of Student Activities, at 860-512-3283.

Connecticut Community College Links

Throughout the school year, community colleges from around Connecticut come together to participate in a number of programs. If interested in the activities and organizations offered to students at neighboring community colleges, check out the following links.
Last Update: April 02 2012
For additional information, contact: Kristine Vincent