Mentoring Programs

The Brother-2-Brother and Sister-2-Sister mentoring programs (launched in Fall 2008) were organized to address institutional concerns regarding the academic success rates of Latin and African-American students, as well as to respond to requests by students to have more formalized opportunities for this type of programming. Our mission is to provide additional support, mentoring, and encouragement to students, as they work towards their academic and professional goals. Brother-2-Brother and Sister-2-Sister are committed to the personal, academic, social and cultural development of each member by:

  • Equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to pursue, achieve and maintain academic excellence
  • Encouraging them to cultivate positive peer and adult relationships
  • Helping them engage in their learning process
  • Promoting student leadership and service to the community

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be eligible for financial aid
  2. Must test into either ENG* 093/096 or MAT* 095/096/139
  3. Must fill out an application and complete an interview
  4. Must complete one-week College Success Boot Camp in the summer prior to your first semester

Space is limited; only 30 students will be selected to participate.

Brother-2- Brother and Sister-2-Sister College Success Boot Camp

The College Success Boot Camp is a FREE one-week bridge program (Monday, August 11–Friday, August 15).  The program is designed to provide African American and Latino/Hispanic female/male students enrolled at MCC with a mentoring and learning opportunity that will assist them in being successful during the fall semester and beyond.  There is NO CHARGE for the program and students that require transportation assistance will be given CT Public Transit passes for the week.  Interested students are to complete this application and submit it to the address provided on the application by Friday, July 11, 2014.

Mentor/Mentee Expectation and Commitment

As a new mentor and or mentee you are about to enter into a rewarding experience. This mentoring relationship will bring many exciting opportunities, skills, and knowledge for both, mentor and mentee.Mentors and Mentees are expected to:

  • Commit to the mentor/mentee relationship for a minimum of one academic year;
  • Meet with your mentor/mentee regularly (includes: face to face, phone, and e-mail contact) as determined by goals mutually set at the first meeting;
  • Act in a positive and appropriate manner, and demonstrate respect and consideration;
  • Take the opportunity to learn from your mentor/mentee, just as they will learn from you;
  • Value diversity and be sensitive to the uniqueness of each individual or situation;
  • (Mentors)-Accept that you do not have all the answers, and refer mentee to the appropriate resources; (Mentees)-Accept that you do not know all of the answers and be willing to listen, learn and accept feedback;
  • Listen without judging;
  • Be honest.
Last Update: June 16 2014
For additional information, contact: Bryce Jones