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Sister-2-Sister Mentors

  • Deb Colucci
    Affirmative Action and Staff Development Coordinator
  • Jean Wynn
  • Jaria Aljoe
    Sister-2-Sister Mentoring Programs Coordinator
  • Emma Colon
  • Cecelia Peppers-Johnson
  • Karyn Case
    Administrative Assistant
  • Desreen Petgrave
    Human Relations Specialist
  • Paula Anzellotti
    Assistant Accountant
  • Pam Mitchell-Crump
    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of Library Services
  • Camille McGadney
    Career Services Assistant
  • D'Lon Wilcox
    Payroll Clerk
  • Carol Oliveri
    Educational Assistant
  • Donna Waldron
    Associate Professor
  • Cynthia Washburne
    Director of Student Life
  • Cynthia Zeldner
    Associate Director of Admissions
  • Melissa Rivera
    Library Associate
  • Wanda Reyes-Dawes
  • Pat Holmes
    Coordinator/Instructor SEP/BOT Program
  • Patricia Lindo
    Executive Assistant to the President
  • Tanya Millner Harlee
    Assistant Professor
  • Francine Rosselli-Navarra
    Associate Professor
  • Rebecca Townsend
    Assistant Professor
  • Lolita Wynter
    Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Lisa Baxter-Rincon
  • Georgia Buckles
  • Elise Carlton
    Counselor-Academic Advisor
  • Lois Coleman
    Assistant Professor
  • Jeanine DeRusha
    Associate Professor
  • Ta'Shema Odoms
  • Aynsley Diamond
    Allied Health Advisor
  • Natalie Durant
  • Diane Freeman
  • Sharale Golding
    Assistant Professor
  • Endia DeCordova
    Associate Director of Institutional Development & Community Engagement
  • Wanda Haynes
    Associate Professor
  • Evelyn Kissi
    Information Technology Technician II
Last Update: June 05 2014
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