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Nan Goldin, Jabalowe as a Mummy, Luxor, Egypt 2003

Loneliness & Melancholy

Curated by Susan Classen-Sullivan and Pawel Wojtasik

March 29th to May 1st

Why so downcast, my soul
why do you sigh within me?
Psalms 42:5 & 11

I am alone, I am bereft, and the night falls upon me
-- Victor Hugo

It is Melancholia that becomes his Muse
-- Gerard de Nerval
To Alexandre Dumas

Loneliness and Melancholy is an exhibition featuring work by artists who probe deeply into the content and constant presence of our ultimate individual state of aloneness. Using diverse mediums including photography,
painting, installation and video, these internationally recognized artists offer a broad definition of loneliness and melancholy with work that speaks not only of the difficulties inherent in these experiences, but also how they are some of
the most revealing and essential to the experience of being human.

This exhibition is the fourth in a series of annual exhibitions with universal connections and ramifications. We began with The God Show, then continued with ...and death followed by The Love Show, and now Loneliness and Melancholy. Each exhibition has attempted to shatter formulaic ideas and beliefs concerning these most essential experiences and concepts with powerfully insightful work.

We are very fortunate to have the following artists participating in Loneliness and Melancholy:

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 5 at 6p.m.

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