Amy Stacey Curtis

Artist Statement

I create paintings and drawings inspired by solo-biennial themes, i.e. experience (2000), movement (2002), change (2004), sound (2006), light (2008), time (2010)... These two-dimensional works support large-in-scope, audience-interactive solo-biennial installation exhibits in vast, abandoned Maine spaces. The drawings is this exhibit are part of 99 SOUNDS, in support of my SOUND biennial.  99 SOUNDS is 99 unframed charcoal and graphite drawings and their recordings. I set out to record and then draw 99 sounds in my life. The first 90 drawings are interpretations of what the sounds look like. The last 9 drawings, of music, are interpretations of what the sounds make me see. Before beginning each drawing, I listened to its sound over and over again until I could visualize the sound in my mind. [Susan, remove the following sentence if you are not showing SOUND EXCHANGE drawings] For the drawings from my SOUND EXCHANGE series I interpreted 9 sounds recorded by artist Amber Hasselbring in San Francisco and Hasselbring interpreted 9 sounds I sent from Maine. I chose to exhibit the resulting sounds and drawings in Kansas City (Grothaus+Pearl Gallery) to bring sounds from west and east to the "center."

Since 2000, Amy Stacey Curtis (the Maine Arts Commission's 2005 Individual Artist Fellow For Visual Art) has been installing solo-biennial exhibits of interactive installation. Each exhibit requires audience perpetuation, comprises large-in-scope interactive works, and takes place in a different Maine community's vast abandoned space. Curtis's fifth biennial, LIGHT, will take place October 4-24, 2008 in Sanford, Maine's Sanford Mill. The drawings in this exhibit were created in support of Curtis's fourth biennial, SOUND, October 2006.

Last Update: September 22 2009
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