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Go Figure

Paper New England and the Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery Manchester Community College

September 17 through October 20

Opening Reception
September 17, 6 PM-8 PM

Since prehistoric times, artists have been inspired by the human figure.  Even before the very idea of making art, artists have been painting the thing nearest in their field of vision: the human form.

Not surprisingly when children first start to draw they depict that which is most closely associated with their life, their parents and siblings.  To the young eyes of a child the parent fills their field of vision from the moment of birth. When confronted by a blank sheet of paper children instinctively draw heads, arms and legs.  As their understanding of what they see increases, faces and fingers appear and the art of figure drawing is born.

With such a universal beginning is it any wonder that so many artists go through a figural phase, or settle on the figure itself as their artistic focus as they mature?

Most of the art work in Paper New England's second show curated for NewSpace  Gallery is executed by mature artists. Artists who through their schooling and from experience have dealt extensively with the human figure.  Each started in the same place– with the head, arms and legs of a child artist.  Each has brought to the drawing board and studio years of experience, education and thought.  Each has discovered a path to the figure which is a less traveled one.  We can see in this show a diversity of style, a singularity of approach and a vision of execution as varied as the people in the room viewing it . . .

This show is a gathering of talented artists, working in the universal arena of the figure.  Diverse, powerful, beautiful, challenging.  All fine and exciting work.

Mike Shortell
Paper New England

Featured Artists

  • Bryan Nash Gill
  • Karen Karen
  • Jenny Knaus
  • Teresa Larivee
  • Maureen McElhone
  • Paul Selwyn
  • Ronald Sloan Joseph Adolphe
  • John Bula
  • Harriet Caldwell
  • Jeff Cowie
  • Anne Cubberly
  • Robert Dente
  • Jonathan Frechette
  • Eric Neubauer

Gallery Hours

Monday-Friday: 11 am-8 pm
Saturday: 12 pm-5 pm

The Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery reviews work on an ongoing basis.
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