Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery

Chris Hausbeck

Hausbeck's Super Ultra Device and Other Mechanisms That May Cause Harm

February 5th - March 12th

Opening Reception
February 5th 6pm

Artist Statement

Chris Hausbeck

I often wonder if the path of which I chose is the correct one.  The times of poverty and distress outweigh the moments of satisfaction and delightful tension one feels just as a exhibit opens. The thousands of hours spent in my workshop, the countless burns, cuts and bruises. The dirt, the cold, the anger. Nothing would be here if not for a tireless dedication to what I feel is my place in this world.  My path is not for everyone. 

I keep doing it though. 

What you see here is a collection of my best mechanisms, each wrought from steel and brass, from wood and mind, from a lot of obscene words and thrown tools. These have been created over the course of several years and are among my favorite pieces.  These were conceived and constructed for the most part while living in Western New York at my workshop in Wales Center. I have a fully equipped metal shop with various welders and other specialized tools that I have collected through the years. Construction will vary but the materials have remained essentially the same since my first pieces as if to be an identifying mark, truly unplanned. 

Money, Space, Time.

Chris Hausbeck

I get the items used in my sculptures from tag sales, salvage yards, friends and sheer luck. I have a gift of finding people who support the arts and are generous with possessions and dollars the like. Antique shops and flea markets prove to be a wealth of bits and inspiration as I choose to spend great blocks of time wandering the trail lings of families and relationships past, ever storing the images and fundamentals of construction in better things by countless drawings in journals, on napkins or cardboard, even just my mind wrestling with images in the time spent with my head in my hands waiting for the piece to evolve.

Boils down to this.

Each piece is trapped by me in a funny state of space. A space where things that would have been gone and buried or burned are held for just another quick moment, a stay of execution, while exercising their own sarcasm, humor, fear and motion that would have been lost if not for my love and respect for these things and for what I do. Some I feel, will outlast me and be the real winners at the same time making me immortal through private and museum permanent collections as well as images on the Internets. With this I feel most fortunate to be able to put up with untimely hardship and discomforts and sometimes great dinners and champagne to do my part and bring to life these pieces and to enjoy euphoric bursts of energy to my heart once I see another piece completed, seen and appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work,
Chris Hausbeck

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