Prospective Students

Mission Statement

Manchester Community College advances academic, economic, civic, personal and cultural growth by providing comprehensive, innovative and affordable learning opportunities to diverse populations. We are a learning-centered community committed to access, excellence and relevance.


Our Shared Vision

Our shared vision for Manchester Community College encompasses distinction in the following areas:

Academic Excellence – MCC is committed to demonstrating the academic rigor of its programs and courses. Simultaneously, we support open access, both in terms of entrance to the college and comprehensive support for student success once they’re here. Students build on their capacity to become self-directed, intentional and continuous learners.

Integrative Learning and Holistic Student Development - The College community, especially students, has a shared understanding of learning goals that tie together general education, program coursework and co-curricular opportunities into a cohesive whole. Students see a connection between their educational plan, learning and employment opportunities. We are committed to helping students achieve their educational personal and career goals by providing essential and comprehensive support services. 

Community and civic engagement – The College engages in partnerships with the fifteen communities surrounding our campus and beyond by offering and responding to requests for education, human services, training, programming, service projects and technical assistance designed to enrich the civic and cultural lives of area residents. In addition to credit courses and programs, MCC offers a variety of non-credit courses for personal and professional development, and to encourage lifelong learning.  The college actively partners with businesses and community organizations in order to better understand the needs of our constituents, to remain current in our offerings, and to link ourselves to the communities we serve. 

Workforce development – The College develops academic and training programs that are responsive to the workforce needs of the region. While we recognize that all academic programs contribute to the development of the state’s economic base, we pay particular attention to those credit and non-credit training and retraining programs that provide direct entrance into the workforce. This includes support for existing and new programs in emerging and innovative workforce areas.

Educational Partnerships – The College strengthens its relationships with other units of higher education by developing articulation agreements and collaborating on curriculum in order to aid transfer. The College continues its synergistic relationship with Great Path Academy; one that models best practices in curriculum alignment, college readiness, and support for underprepared students. These findings are extended to other schools in our service area to support Pre-K to high school.

Stewardship – MCC actively protects its assets and continually seeks to develop new resources. The College’s reputation, human resources, physical spaces and capital assets, technology infrastructure, sources of alternative funding and accreditation are all critical components to mission of student success.  The college explores, adopts and promotes sustainable practices. 

College Culture – The college community intentionally builds its capacity for shared leadership, shared understanding, and shared responsibility.  Students are given a voice in determining the goals and directions of the College. We practice inclusive conversations based on a consensus or deliberative model. We extend communications to as broad an audience as possible; we build a culture of trust that reaches out to colleagues and the community, encourages innovation and allows taking risks and making and learning from mistakes.  We strive to realize the full potential of our diversity.
Last Update: January 04 2013
For additional information, contact: Umesh Vig