21st Century Manufacturing
Scholarship Program

Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce.

Even the most advanced machines in the world need skillful operators. In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, perhaps one of the most prevalent needs is for quality education that prepares today’s and tomorrow’s employees.

Manchester Community College is committed to working with local manufacturers to provide thorough preparation for students that are setting out on or advancing in a manufacturing career.

We have the opportunity to leverage the current focus on the economy and build on the earlier successes of the industry. This will allow New England to capitalize on the predicted economic upswing. Through a more focused collaboration of industry, government, and education, advanced manufacturing can be enhanced and expanded. Industry specialists can share best practices and services, government agencies can better target financial and workforce development support, and educators can play active roles in promoting the brand and enthusiasm for advanced manufacturing as part of the economy. In an advantaged network the bigger the talent cluster gets, the faster the growth. To be specific, there is an opportunity to add between 7,500 and 8,500 advanced manufacturing jobs annually, with total compensation approaching $80,000, on average.

—The New England Council and
Deloitte Development, LLC

Going to the Source

MCC recognizes the importance of ongoing dialogue with area manufacturers that provide feedback regarding curricula, that welcome students as interns, and that consider graduates as possible employees.

This partnership between the college and local manufacturers is key to the success of the programs and to the futures of the graduates. The collaboration also greatly benefits the companies that rely on MCC for well trained job candidates.

How the Scholarship Program Works

When individual manufacturers and concerned associations decide to contribute to the 21st Century Manufacturing Scholarship Program, they choose the size of the contribution and how the funds will be used: individual scholarships, equipment and/or other program-related needs.

How Much to Contribute

One benefit of donating to the 21st Century Manufacturing Scholarship Program is that these contributions are tax-deductible. Donations are made to the Manchester Community College Foundation, which is a tax-exempt entity granted public non-profit status under the 1954 Code section 501(c)(3).

Donors can choose to:

  • Pay for a full scholarship for one or more students in the Precision Machining Certificate Program. The total cost is $6,050 and includes textbooks and 600 hours of training.
  • Cover a partial scholarship for a student enrolled in the Precision Machining Certificate Program. Typically, manufacturers contribute $1,000–$3,000 when they donate toward a partial scholarship.
  • Pay for a scholarship for students enrolled in one or more of the following:
    • AutoCAD 2012 Certification Preparation
    • CNC Intermediate
    • CNC Advanced
    • SolidWorks® Introduction
    • Quality Control Inspector
    • Mastercam Introduction
    • Blueprint Reading and Dimensioning Introduction
    • Statistical Process Control*
    • Manufacturing Materials and Processes I and II

Tuition varies; the range is from $250–$2,500 for each course or program.

An Invitation to Invest in the Future of Manufacturing

Please contact us today to find out how to join with other local companies in support of MCC’s manufacturing programs and students. For more information on next steps, please call the Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement office at 860-512-2904.

Last Update: March 13 2012
For additional information, call 860-512-2813.