General Studies, A.S. Degree

Program Overview and Curriculum

Are you a working adult looking to start college or finish a degree? Do you want to acquire new skills, improve existing skills or change careers? Do you need a flexible course schedule to help you balance the responsibilities of family, school and work? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then Manchester Community College's new online General Studies degree program is for you.

This fall, MCC will launch the online General Studies associate of science program designed specifically for adult learners. With features like accelerated learning, on-ground options, incredible flexibility, and a dedicated college liaison, the program offers the perfect combination of high-quality, affordable instruction and the convenience and support you need to make your educational, personal and professional goals a reality.

The General Studies associate degree program at Manchester Community College leads to an associate in science degree. This program offers the broadest range of electives of any major at the college. General Studies is a concentration that is appropriate if you are planning to transfer to continue your studies, if you wish to advance your career and for a self-designed independent course of study. It is also ideal for those students who are seeking to complete a degree started at another institution.


Students may enroll in this program full or part time. You will be required to take an on-ground assessment test to determine your proficiency in mathematics and English. For those students who are not prepared for the mathematics and English courses required in the program, the college offers a wide range of developmental classes.

General Education Requirements

ENG* 101 Composition 3 credits
MAT* Any 100-level math course 3 credits
IDS* 201 Explore 3 credits
Knowledge of the Physical and Natural World 3-4 credits
Knowledge of Human Experience and Behavior 3 credits
Knowledge of Human Thought and Expression 3 credits
Another course from one the three Knowledge areas 3-4 credits

General Studies Requirements

Choose from any two courses in the humanities 6 credits
Choose from any laboratory course in biology, chemistry, or the physical sciences 4 credits
Choose any two courses in social sciences 6 credits
Choose any open elective courses 23 credits
Total Credits Required: 60-62 credits


If you are considering a career in education, you need to select a transfer institution early and consult with a counselor. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all General Studies degree program requirements, graduates will:

  1. Have had opportunities to explore a wide range of courses to meet their personal, professional and academic goals.
  2. Gain a cultural and intellectual appreciation of diverse peoples.
  3. Be adept in written and spoken communication skills.
  4. Have acquired basic skills in analytical, critical and creative thinking.

In addition, the graduate will complete the comprehensive learning outcomes identified within the General Education Core.

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The table below illustrates ranges for one to 12 semester hours, and is not a comprehensive report of fees. For a complete overview of the fee schedule, visit the tuition and fees page.

Activity Fee
In-State 1 $133.00 $67.25 $5.00 $205.25
12 $1,596.00 $193.00 $10.00 $1,799.00
Out-of-State 1 $399.00 $201.75 $5.00 $605.75
12 $4,788.00 $579.00 $10.00 $5,377.00
(New England Region)
1 $199.50 $100.75 $5.00 $305.25
12 $2,394.00 $289.50 $10.00 $2,693.50
Credit Extension:
In-State *
1 $144.00 $67.25 $5.00 $216.25
12 $1,728.00 $193.00 $10.00 $1,931.00
Credit Extension:
Out-of-State *
1 $144.00 $201.75 $5.00 $350.75
12 $1,728.00 $579.00 $10.00 $2,317.00
Credit Extension:
1 $144.00 $100.75 $5.00 $249.75
12 $1,728.00 $289.50 $10.00 $2,027.50

* Credit extention tuition rates apply to accelerated courses, which include 8- and 12-week courses and 3- and 6-week courses (winter and summer intersessions).

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Student Services

As an online General Studies student you will have access to a wide variety of free, easily accessible services to help you attain your academic and career goals. Help is as close as the Internet, phone or fax. And, unlike many large online degree programs, MCC also offers you the option to meet face-to-face with faculty, staff and advisors.

Technical Assistance

The Educational Technology and Distance Learning (ETDL) Department provides video tutorials, technical documentation, FAQs and tips on how to be a successful online learner. If you have any questions about Blackboard, MCC's course management system, ETDL will help.

Additional technical assistance for Blackboard is provided through our 24/7 portal. ETDL and the Academic Support Center also train peer mentors who provide online technical assistance and online course tutoring.

Academic Support

The Academic Support Center provides services to help students obtain and improve essential skills that promote learning and develop or upgrade career skills. These include:

  • eTutoring - Fully online tutoring in writing, mathematics, accounting, biology, chemistry, and information literacy and research methods.
  • A wide range of on-campus services, including one-to-one and small group tutoring, a writing center, an ESL conversation lab, technology skills assistance and a variety of workshops on study skills, note taking, stress management and other academic topics

Online Success Coaching

Everyone hits some bumps on the road to success now and then. This can be particularly true if you're a busy adult student juggling school, work and family responsibilities. The Adult Success Coach program can help. Our experienced coaches will help you learn how to set and reach goals and create a step-by-step plan to map out your path. Coaches will also guide you toward many resources that can help with time management skills, study skills and a wide range of services. You will work with a coach on the phone and online, so you don't need to worry about travel time and expense, child care or other logistics. Weekend, evening and weekday appointments are available to provide a range of convenient options.

Connect with a Librarian 24/7

If you have research or library reference questions or need help with citations for a paper, librarians are available 24/7 at Ask A Librarian.

Other Student Services

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MCC offers classes throughout the year. Courses are offered in 3- and 6-week (summer and winter intersessions) and 12- and 15-week sessions, allowing students to create a schedule of courses to complete their program in short periods of time.

A copy of the academic calendar, which specifies key dates for the standard 15 week semester along with catalogs defining other course offerings, can be found at our calendar and catalog page.

Course offerings can be found for the current and future semesters at the Connecticut Community College Course Search. Note that this site can be used to find classes that are offered online, in hybrid mode, and fully on campus.

While the array of courses offered online is different each semester, the following is a sample of 12-week classes that are typically offered online one or more times each year:

Course # Course Name Credits
AST* B101 Principles of Astronomy 3
BBG* B101 Introduction to Business 3
BMG* B202 Principles of Management 3
CJS* B102 Intro to Corrections 3
COM* B101 Intro to Mass Communication 3
EGR* B111 Introduction to Engineering 3
ENG* B101 Composition 3
ENG* B101 Composition 3
ENG* B101 Composition 3
ENG* B101 Composition 3
HIS* B201 U.S. History I 3
MAT* B109 Quantitative Literacy 3
PSY* B111 General Psychology I 3
SOC* B101 Principles of Sociology 3

The courses that are offered change each semester. It is important to meet with an advisor to develop a plan for degree completion.

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Get Started!

To be admitted to the online General Studies degree program and register for online classes, you will need to take the following steps:

Step One: Take the SmarterMeasure Test

SmarterMeasure is a self-assessement test that will help you determine if online learning is a good choice for you. Get Started »

SmartMeasure Login

You'll need to log in to SmarterMeasure to take the test. Use the credentials below. Allow for 30 to 60 minutes for completion of the test.

Login: General Studies
Password: graduate

Take the test now »

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Step Two: Complete the Student Profile

Potential students who are interested in completing their General Studies program online must complete the student profile. Students interested in this program will be contacted regarding the steps to successfully complete their online degree. Sign Up »

Next Steps

After completing the steps above, expect an email with instructions for applying to MCC, financial aid and more information.

Please note that some requirements will need to be fulfilled on campus, such as the assessment test and applicable lab courses.

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Last Update: April 12 2013
For additional information, contact: Catherine Seaver