ETDL Student Resources and Services

The ETDL department provides several services for students. Students may use the Open Computer Labs to work on assignments on computers. Several students are employed each semester as Open Computer Lab Monitors; interested students should contact Debbie Herman at 860-512-2872. ETDL also provides student documentation on using various online systems such as Blackboard Learn. In addition, the department provides information for students who are interested in taking online learning courses.

Open Computer Labs

Schedules, rules, and location of labs.

Blackboard Learn Student Information

Get help with Blackboard Learn.

Online Tutoring

Find out about free online tutoring through the College and CTDLC.

Online Learning

Information for new online students
Online and hybrid distance learning courses at MCC.
Last Update: February 19 2013
For additional information, contact: ETDL Sandbox