Frequently Asked Questions

Is graduation automatic?
No, you need to apply for graduation.

Should I submit an application for graduation even if I don’t want to participate in the commencement ceremony?
Yes, you must submit an application if you want to graduate.

Can I apply for graduation in the same semester I am finishing classes?
Yes, you can apply for graduation the same semester you are finishing your classes.

Can I take classes after I graduate?
Yes, you can take classes after you graduate.

Can I earn a second degree?
Yes, you can complete a second degree if you have 15 credits more than your first degree requires.

Can I transfer credits back to MCC to complete my degree?
Yes, you can transfer credits back to MCC to complete your degree.

Do transfer credits change my GPA?
No, transfer credits do not change your GPA.

What is the required GPA to graduate?
A GPA of 2.0 or higher is required  to graduate.

Is there a graduation/cap & gown fee?
No, there is no graduation/cap & gown fee.

How do I receive my diploma after graduation?
Your diploma will be mailed to the address stated on the graduation application unless you request to pick it up.

When can I order a transcript?

When will my official transcript reflect that I have graduated?
Once grades have been processed, the final audit will be finished with 10 days, and your transcript will show you have graduated.

What if I miss the priority application deadline?
Contact Director of Enrollment Management at 860-512-3212 or email or Director of Student Retention Services at 860-512-3302 or email

Last Update: March 20 2014
For additional information, contact: Anita Sparrow