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Team Green: Key Findings in 2007-08

  • Net Carbon Emissions (MT eCo2): 4,462
  • Electricity kWh: 8,237,091
  • Cost to MCC for that electricity: $1,194,618
    • (Our Goal: reduce electricity costs by 20%)
  • Short tons of solid waste: 29
  • Cardboard/paper recycling: 62.28 tons

Practice the 3 Rs:

REDUCE amount of trash you discard
REUSE containers and products, repair what is broken
RECYCLE as much as possible

Did you know that during the spring semester, on average, the Copy Center did more then half-million copies per month?

Cut Down on Paper by:

  • Doing double-sided copies
  • Instead of handing out material to each student display the information using the document camera or the computer
  • Use Vista to post notes, information, etc.
  • It is more economical and greener to use the copiers then printers

Farmers Market

  • Every Wednesday till October 31st 2pm to 5pm

IT Tip

  • Turn off your monitor before you leave for the day
  • DO NOT turn off your computer, updates are done during the evening

If you have useful tips, information or ideas to help make our campus “greener” send them to John Murray at

Last Update: July 14 2009
For additional information, contact: John Murray